WorkplaceManagement platform overview

Why WorkplaceManagement is the best choice for your workplace


We built WorkplaceManagement to provide everyone in your organization with information about people and space around them. Personal profiles and details about rooms and utilities are packed into markers on an interactive floor plan.


The empowered enterprise
The modern workplace needs to be optimized for efficiently, flexibility and inspiration. By valuing connectivity, collaboration and efficiency, you can provide spaces that allow your workforce to be more engaged and productive. WorkplaceManagement can help to schedule and manage those spaces.

Interactive Floor Plan

Zoom and pan to focus on the details you need the most.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Integrate WorkplaceManagement with on-premises or Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Google Suite etc.

Buildings and Floors

Create multiple floors and get an overview of all your locations around the world.

Staff Directory and Fuzzy Search

Search your complete staff directory, view faces, roles and contact information.Relevant search result for queries with spelling inaccuracies.

Rooms and Assets

Conference rooms, storage rooms, server rooms, rooms for rest and reception areas. Coffee machines, printers, device boards, medical and fire safety equipment.

Hot Desks and Spare Desks

Fully equipped desks ready for anybody to work at.Unoccupied desks ready for the work place deployment by the IT department.

Employee expectations are changing

Workers are becoming more selective in their job search, looking for greater flexibility, mobility and collaboration.

Real estate is one of your highest expenses

Real estate costs are increasing worldwide, while underutilization rates of this valuable resource remain startlingly high.

Support neighborhoods and working groups

Provide accurate, online floor plans, so employees can locate and reserve spaces near colleagues and resources.

24/7 scheduling for everyday users

Deliver round-the-clock access for employees to reserve, update or cancel workspaces, all according to your established business rules.

Efficiency through intelligent workplace optimization

In a “smart workplace,” all components work together to bring efficiency to your office. WorkplaceManagement helps reduce overhead costs, simplify operations and improve your flexibility, mobility and collaboration.

Technology is offering more options

New innovations are making it easier to automate tasks, collect data and give employees the freedom to work from anywhere.

Your workspaces matter more than ever

The office has become a tool for recruitment, with your workplace environment playing a critical role in productivity.

Help visitors feel more welcome

Provide office visitors with event listings, maps and wayfinding tools – everything required to get oriented and be productive.

Enforce your hoteling workflows

Embedded rules control access to meeting rooms and workspaces as well as the frequency and duration of bookings.

Inspiration through an exceptional employee experience

Prospects have increased choice of where to work. WorkplaceManagement helps you attract and retain top talent by creating a modern workspace experience that includes flexible work options and mobile access.

Productivity through flawless daily execution

An empowered workplace integrates its services and resources. WorkplaceManagement provides the timesaving tools and technology that streamline meetings, increase productivity and impress visitors with “concierge service.”

WorkplaceManagement offers powerful, easy-to-use and globally scalable workspace management and meeting room scheduling solutions. We help some of the world’s biggest brands work, meet and collaborate more efficiently across locations and time zones.
Optimize your workspace and resolve your booking challenges.
Helping you unleash the true potential of your workspace with our booking solutions.
Scheduling and booking-management for desks, hot-desks, hoteling and shared desk space.
The #1 solution for an efficient workplace
Visualize and schedule your meeting rooms, office spaces and resources with unmatched simplicity and ease of use.
Make your workplace as smart as the people in it
Smart, simple & reliable solutions for the modern workplace.
Build a better workplace.
Exploring the convergence between people, places, & technology in the workplace.

What is WorkplaceManagement?
With the huge rise in mobile and telecommuting employees, many businesses are finding themselves with an office full of empty cubicles. WorkplaceManagement helps cut the costs of real estate investment, and makes sure you're utilizing every desk to its fullest potential. With WorkplaceManagement, employees or managers can reserve, claim, or monitor desks for a specific amount of time. This means an increase in value for office space, and a decrease in space needed.
How Does It Work?
WorkplaceManagement enables an office to utilize Desk Sharing. Desk sharing is known by several names including hoteling, hot-desking, room scheduling, desk booking and virtual office. Using a browser-based program, desks can be managed in any number of ways. Employees can reserve desks for themselves, groups can find a space to work together, and employers can assign specific desks to whomever they choose. WorkplaceManagement provides a map-like overview of the office, with each desk displayed as either vacant or available. Employees can claim desks as they walk in, or reserve them far ahead of time. 
Benefits Include
* Substantially reduced workspace costs
* Proactive capacity planning
* Improved employee retention
* Easy to Use
* Increased productivity
* Quick and flexible reaction to changing market conditions
* Streamlined Operations
* Comprehensive Control best website software