Let us host your floor plans for you. Avoid the hassles of maintaining your own web server, applying service packs, and upgrading to new versions.


WorkplaceManagement is available as on-premise web based application hosted entirely on your own web servers, or an online hosted (SaaS) version.Deploy on your servers or host in the cloud. is licensed on a SaaS (software as a service) model. We offer ongoing technical support, no long term contracts and we will never nickel-and-dime you. Our pricing is based on the number of projects, floors and staff in your organization and scales based on higher volume.


Powerful and Easy to Use was designed with ease of use in mind. An office manager or facility manager can quickly setup a WorkplaceManagement project to efficiently manage space in the workplace. Keep your staff floorplans up-to-date from anywhere at any time.

Allow staff to quickly locate other employees. Implement a shared desk (hotdesking) booking system to allow certain desks to be booked when needed. Plan employee desk moves as new people join the company, or seating allocation changes.

HOW WorkplaceManagement HELPS
WorkplaceManagement helps all staff find the people and things they need to get their job done. CXOs, office administrators and facilities managers can more effectively manage space and resources by visually bringing information on people, places and assets together in an interactive map of their office locations.


Try it Out for 30 Days

After creating an account, you'll have up to 30 days to try out the WorkplaceManagement service before you need to activate your account. No credit card information is required up-front. You can cancel the subscription at any time. To get started, click the button below:

No Maintenance
✓ No service packs to install
✓ No Windows updates or maintenance
✓ Software is always up-to-date

Book a Desk
✓ Book a desk from anywhere
✓ Find available desks with your mobile phone
✓ Track your booked desks using any device

Book a Meeting Room
✓ Check meeting room availability from anywhere
✓ Book a meeting room with your phone
✓ Find available board

Dynamic Floor Plans
✓ Web-based interface. Update floorplans from anywhere
✓ Multi user simultaneous editing
✓ Employees see updates immediately when made

Mobile Friendly
✓ Book desks & office space from mobile devices.
✓ Update your seating plan from any mobile device
✓ Quickly find employees using your mobile phone

Embed Floor Plans
✓ Embed dynamic floorplans in your company website
✓ Fully customizable and resizable embedding with iframes
✓ Pass parameters to iFrame URL to display specific details

Import CSV Files
✓ Import employees from CSV file
✓ Sync project with CSV file
✓ Assign employees to desks based on CSV values

Cancel Anytime
✓ Monthly subscription
✓ No commitment. Cancel at any time.
✓ Change to different subscription level at any time

Moves and Changes
✓ Employees can request a new desk at any time
✓ Plan employee movement scenarios
✓ Manage planned moves from anywhere.

Track Remote Employees
✓ Track remote workers on Google maps
✓ Allow remote employees to update their address
✓ Manage remote staff by region

Employee Search
✓ Easily locate employees on your office floorplans
✓ Powerful search function with filters for specific matches
✓ Search by firstname, lastname or any other field value

Track Staff Details
✓ Track detailed information about each employee.
✓ If enabled, include html in field values
✓ Permissions determine who can see what information

Custom Details Forms
✓ Add new text, memo, list, checkbox fields as needed
✓ Make staff detail fields required, or include default values
✓ Use CSS to style the detail form as desired

Print Floor Plans
✓ Provide employees and visitors with floor plan guides
✓ Create high quality, printable images of floorplans instantly
✓ Print attractive and easy to understand floorplan guides


$ 19 per month
  • 75MB Diskspace
  • 2 Projects
  • 3 Floorplans
  • 100 Employees


$ 29 per month
  • 100MB Diskspace
  • 5 Projects
  • 5 Floorplans
  • 400 Employees


$ 49 per month
  • 400MB Diskspace
  • 10 Projects
  • Unlimited Floorplans
  • Unlimited Employees

Use the comparison chart below to decide which edition is right for you

Standard EditionPro EditionEnterprise Edition
Cost Per Month$19$29$49
Disk Space75MB100MB400MB
Employee Profiles100400Unlimited
Shared Desk Booking
Create Office Seating Plans
Plan Moves and Changes
Book Equipment
Dynamic Floor Plans
Employee Searching
Staff Details Forms
Track Remote Staff on Google Maps
Customize Staff Details Forms
Publish Static Floor Plan Images
CSV Import & Sync
Activity Log
Email Notification

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