WorkplaceManagement platform overview

Find Personals


Build detailed people profiles in a visual directory of your organisations’ greatest asset.

User Profiles
Overlapping and double booking can be frustrating, but with WorkplaceManagement users can see other employees within the company. WorkplaceManagement integration simplifies scheduling and reserving space and equipment. You can, directly from Outlook, create, modify, view and cancel reservations all with just a simple click of your mouse. Coordinate your schedule with others as well.


Staff Directory

Identifying all those resources and making them accessible to the broader organisation in a meaningful way can be more of a challenge. A staff directory that relies on the Active Directory alone often doesn’t provide the level of detail necessary to search effectively. While spreadsheets, or printed phone lists are simply too cumbersome to maintain.

WorkplaceManagement helps you create a global staff directory and facilitates collaboration across distributed teams by:

Enabling customisation of content-rich staff profiles (without coding!) so that you can record the attributes most important to you
Searching those profiles to identify where specific skills and expertise are located across the operation
Displaying local times in each office location to facilitate collaboration across multiple time-zones
Identifying each team member’s availability to be contacted


Employee Import

Easily import employee records from other systems. As long as the system can produce a CSV file, employees can be imported into WorkplaceManagement. Administrators define which fields are imported.

If desk names are included in the import file, employees will automatically be positioned at the matching desk on your floorplans.
Experts agree that a strong induction program for new employees is a key factor in high retention, satisfaction and ultimately productivity.

Addressing the orientation aspect of the induction program and empowering new staff with the tools to effectively find their own way in their new role can ease the transition into a long and mutually rewarding relationship.WorkplaceManagement supports new staff induction programs by:
-Identifying their assigned desk on the interactive floor plan
-Highlighting office amenities like emergency exits, printers, kitchens and bathroom facilities
-Facilitating a self-service approach to familiarise themselves with the work environment – such as identifying the people around them or locating specific individuals by role or function
-Illustrating the broader organisation structure and their place in it.


Build Detailed Staff Profiles

Go beyond a simple directory containing only name and contact details by developing rich staff profiles including specific skills and roles, such as languages, industry experience or fire warden/first aid officer status. Profiles are completely configurable to record the details that add the most value for your business and can include social media accounts.

Visual indicators of where people sit and what days they work
Record skills and duties such as first aid officers or fire wardens
Add fields to record the information important to your organisation

Find and book what you need
Help everyone stay focused and save time. Quick commands help your people search for whatever and whoever they need, and quickly book rooms with ease.


Find Employees & Assets

If you need to find someone in the office, WorkplaceManagement can quickly connect you. Every staff member in the system can be searched for and located on your company floorplan. The quick search also allows you to easily find desks, assets and bookings.
Embed a WorkplaceManagement project to your company website in an iframe or publish clear office floor plan images for staff, clients, or customers to reference.

Quickly find and manage available desks.Find all desks with no staff allocated in a building or floor.Allocate staff to desks and facilitate sharing with part-time or visiting staff. See staff availability – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home, on leave. With flexible work arrangements and part-time hours growing in popularity, WorkplaceManagement helps you know when colleagues are available and stop wasting time trying to contact colleagues who are not available. See real availability right now – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home or on leave Identify which days staff actually work. Check when people will return from leave

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