WorkplaceManagement platform overview

Meeting and Room Scheduling


Simplify meeting scheduling
Save your users time by making it easy to meet. Every day, employees are tasked with finding the ideal place to meet or work, whether it's a conference room, boardroom, huddle room or studio. WorkplaceManagement makes it faster and easier to book rooms and meetings by supporting flexible, activity-based workplaces and campuses.

Administer using the controls and business rules you want
Allowing for self-service reservations does not mean giving up control of your spaces. WorkplaceManagement administrators can configure permissions to ensure proper use and availability of organizational resources.
Administrators can also create room-specific reservation templates with varying levels of information or required approvals. For example, certain conference rooms can be restricted to specific individuals or departments.

Meeting/Conference Room Scheduling
Our product provides a streamlined method to organize and manage the scheduling of office space, conference rooms, and office equipment. Our system offer you customization versatility. Any user can easily make reservations via your organization's intranet. Imagine, for example that your organization has 10 meeting rooms available. Users view room availability and make bookings from their desks, or even from home. WorkplaceManagement can be customized to work for publicly shared clubs, universities, or libraries where rooms need to be reserved in advance.

Advance Reservations
Staff can easily choose and reserve workspaces ahead of time for a particular date or range of dates. WorkplaceManagement also allows you to set aside blocks of rooms at special rates for affiliated businesses, group bookings or special events. Set up inventory return dates so staff knows when to return any equipment. And the unused equipment can be returned automatically.


Dynamic Floorplans

An office manager or facility manager can quickly setup a WorkplaceManagement project to efficiently manage space in the workplace. Keep your staff floorplans up-to-date from anywhere at any time.

Allow staff to quickly locate other employees. Implement a shared desk (hotdesking) booking system to allow certain desks to be booked when needed.Plan employee desk moves as new people join the company, or seating allocation changes.
Build detailed people profiles in a office directory of your organisations’ greatest asset. Sometimes, the company org chart just doesn’t provide the detail needed to find the right person to get a job done. WorkplaceManagement provides a content rich office directory that links the people, places and resources in your organisation to their physical location. Search by any criteria you need, such as skills, working days or availability.

Go beyond simple name, position and contact facts with detailed staff profiles. Navigate easily through both the organisation’s department structure and its locations.Visualise search results in an interactive floor plans

The Unboxed Way to Work
Your working space is no longer defined by its walls. People meet, work and study in new ways, in-person and online, and demand an open, agile and technologically smart approach to workspace design. WorkplaceManagement Software breaks down the barriers to inspired work with the industry’s most powerful enterprise-class workspace management platform.

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