WorkplaceManagement Customer Service

Exceptional customer service


WorkplaceManagement is dedicated to your success. Our Professional Services and Customer Support teams are available to help with implementation, training, update alerts or ongoing assistance.

We provide:
Live support during normal and extended business hours
On-demand manuals, installation tips and instructions
Yearly updates of the latest software through our online support portal
Value and readiness optimization through our Professional Services
Additional WorkplaceManagement Success Plans for dedicated customer guidance and support


Choose Online or Personalized Training

WorkplaceManagement software comes with every purchase of our software. Opt to have personalized training for you and your staff or utilize the user guides and training manuals. We have taken the guess work out and made WorkplaceManagement user-friendly. We offer software integration service so you do not have to switch from one application to another. We help you create a streamlined hoteling system to make the most of your real estate and assets. This allows large or small companies to take advantage of their workspace through reservations software. Improve efficiency, maximize resources, provide flexibility and reduce overall costs.

Learn Quickly

Learning how to use WorkplaceManagement and AgentPower is easy. Each training session is tailored to your individual needs and experience level. WorkplaceManagement and AgentPower both have intuitive interfaces that reduce the learning curve. We begin by getting to know your concerns and questions about your current system and our software. Then we focus on the areas where you need the most help. Most training sessions consist of the following elements.

Get On-Site Training

WorkplaceManagement also comes with the option of on-site training. Your WorkplaceManagement trainer begins by training your main administrators to understand how to troubleshoot, create sub-administrators and set up additional installations.

Every WorkplaceManagement Training Includes

Explaining the general structure of our software

Integrating WorkplaceManagement with your current system and database

Demonstrating the basics of the software from making a new booking to writing an invoice

Demonstrating special features such as the admin system or the extensive lists and statistics functions

Explaining the additional modules for WorkplaceManagement such as the online systems, the multi-user mode or the EPOS systems interface

Answering your questions and reviewing your personal software concerns

Great Benefits of WorkplaceManagement Training

It is easy to use with a drag & drop learning management system

It has a multi-user application which allows multiple users to ask questions and get responses

You can practice creating, checking, and cancelling reservations

You will see unique features in action, such as full conflict resolution (which resolves double bookings)

It comes with email training invitations which keep track of replies

It has the option to send confirmed training attendees additional information

Our Professional Services team intuitively understands your needs and goals. Our consultants provide distinct offerings to ensure your success from digitizing your scheduling to engaging your organization to optimizing your processes. You’ll benefit from our experience working with customers on all aspects of their meeting and room scheduling needs.

Every organization is unique, and our Professional Services team can help you from the very start. Our readiness assessment prepares you to draft the policies and procedures, document the workflows and create a change management strategy that supports your specific needs.

Our knowledgeable consultants will lead you through the operational and organizational changes that accompany the deployment of a room and resource management solution.

Maximum impact for maximum return on your investment. Once you’ve launched the WorkplaceManagement, you need to drive adoption and build your users’ confidence in the system. Our expert specialists work with you to understand your organization’s needs and objectives and drive your implementation to match.

Incorporating our industry experience and best practices into your requirements helps you benefit quickly and seamlessly. WorkplaceManagement consultants provide step-by-step implementation and deployment guidance, such as needs assessment, project management, configuration and workflow design, training, technical consulting and go-live support.

Increase productivity and make the most of your investment. Your business is always evolving, with new initiatives, objectives and expansion efforts. An optimization assessment from WorkplaceManagement consultants helps you meet your goals and maximize your investment over the long haul.

Our experienced advisors will demonstrate how our robust solution offers capabilities and best practices you may not even know exist. They will also provide recommendations for increasing your productivity and reducing your operational costs.

To provide you with concrete recommendations, our optimization assessment includes a detailed review of data configuration and consistency, system parameters, notifications and workflow, documented processes, policies and procedures, operational structure, governance structure, and tracking progress against strategic goals

WorkplaceManagement are a package of services and resources designed to help customers achieve their goals faster, realize return on investment sooner, optimize adoption or extension of WorkplaceManagement capabilities, and see greater value.

The plans offer varying levels of service for three main areas of focus:

Achieving success with WorkplaceManagement -related initiatives

Personalized services, data analysis, and business consultation

Enhanced technical support

The cornerstone to each of these high-value Success Plans is a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM). The CSM acts as the WorkplaceManagement Software advocate, providing guidance, insight, and helpful assistance along your journey to success.

Is it working for you?

An all-in-one product may seem like a great idea, until you commit to one. We prefer to focus on a sweet spot of office space management and do that incredibly well.


The all-in-one approach

Back-breaking implementations
With a typical IWMS, implementations can take months, if not years. And all of this before you can determine if the product is really worth the investment.

Are you “certified”?
How well can you use your IWMS? If you need to attend software school to be able to use your software effectively, it is likely too complex. How many of its pricey features are you really using? Even with a degree from IWMS-U, most end up only using a small subset of features.

Risky business
IWMS licensing and implementation costs run high. Even subscription based systems are typically accompanied by large upfront costs and long term commitments. So by the time you are in a position to assess the return on your investment, it’s already too late.


The WorkplaceManagement advantage

Record-breaking implementations
We’ve built a tremendous amount of out of the box flexibility to allow rapid client deployments. We can have you up and running in days, so you can spend more time managing your business and less time managing your software.

Don’t miss a beat
WorkplaceManagement Software is powerfully simple to use: our emphasis on user experience ensures that you can hit the ground running with minimal instruction. Functionality is our middle name!

Proof is in the pudding
Our affordable, cancel anytime SaaS licensing minimizes any upfront risk and lets you comfortably evaluate firsthand our solution’s real value to your organization.

Everyone loves to build something. Until they do it.

Your company built you a product. They linked your floor plans to a database and connected it with your employee directory. Let’s just say it’s not ideal.

Our Mission
We believe in a liberated workspace, where everyone is empowered to achieve more.
Our mission is to help our clients maximize their workspace and create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for their business and its employees.

Our Vision
We’re making it happen by pioneering workspace management technology that enables people to get more out of each other and make work, just work.


The do-it-yourself approach

Competing priorities
Building, managing, updating and supporting your own facilities management software is just one of many competing priorities for your company. This often results in a neglected product that in turn neglects your requirements.

Settling for a somewhat faster horse
Henry Ford famously said that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Knowing your pain points is only the first stage of problem solving: it takes dedicated and specialized resources to design a solution that transcends the problem and takes you to another level.

There’s always a price tag
When you add it all up, the real development and opportunity cost of a homegrown product can often outweigh the cost of acquiring a proprietary solution. And by the time you are in a position to assess the return on your investment, it’s already too late.

Are you better off alone?
Can you rely on a nominally supported in-house application to meet your dynamic facility management requirements? Are you getting the support you need to get the job done? Is it going to keep pace with industry trends such as flexible working? Will it integrate seamlessly with other applications?


The smarter, easier way to manage

This is what we do
With a singular focus, we are able to deliver a brilliant product coupled with stellar customer support. So you can spend more time managing your facility and less time managing your software.

Level up!
With WorkplaceManagement you can immediately benefit from the combination of our designs and expertise together with the collective experience and feedback of all of our clients. And of course we welcome your feedback. Partner with us and share your experience!

Affordable and risk free
Our affordable, cancel anytime SaaS licensing minimizes any upfront risk and lets you comfortably evaluate firsthand our solution’s real value to your organization.

We’ve got your back
Our SaaS approach ensures that you continue to benefit from product improvements. Equally important, our dedicated customer support will guarantee that you are always getting the most out of our product.

Your time is worth more than you think.

Sure, primitive tools can work. But at what cost? We think your time is best spent on the important stuff. Not on grunt work made worse by cumbersome tools.


The Primitive Way

A hodgepodge of makeshift tools
Using ad-hoc tools (paper documents, floor plan files, spreadsheets) to manage seat allocations, moves, and manually generate facility reports is an inefficient use of your time.

Can you trust your numbers?
Tracking changes in your dynamic facilities using manual, static processes is a never-ending task. Information quickly becomes stale, and there’s lots of room for error.

Poorly utilized data
Setting aside data tracking challenges, it’s often equally painful and cumbersome to make use of static data. Oftentimes it’s easier to find where a co-worker sits by walking the floor rather than browsing those old PDF floor plans posted on the company intranet.

Reporting blues, messy numbers
Generating reports involves painstaking data gathering and reconciliation from multiple disparate sources. Throw discrepancies and errors into the mix, and it becomes increasingly difficult to produce, much less rely on reports.


The Smarter Way

A single, dedicated platform
WorkplaceManagement’s suite of tools works seamlessly together so you can focus on more valuable projects, not maintaining dozens of files and counting spaces on floor plans.

Reliable, real-time big data, 24hrs / 365 days
An exceptional user experience makes tracking changes and keeping your data accurate and up-to-date easy work. Real-time big data, means real-time decision making, saving you valuable time.

Company-wide benefits
Our client-branded WorkplaceManagement lets everyone in your organization find co-workers and resources with a few keystrokes. Set it loose in your organization, stand back, and enjoy the accolades.

Real-time business intelligence
Let WorkplaceManagement transform your raw data into meaningful reports that help drive your facility management decisions. Did we mention our reports are real-time? Move an employee on the floor plan and everything is updated instantly.

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