WorkplaceManagement Features

Mapping your employees and assets has never been easier. 
Transform your facility with the ultimate
workplace experience platform


Collect as much or as little data as you need with an infinite number of user defined profile fields and multiple preferences.Seating chart for all your floors and buildings to quickly find people, rooms, utilities and desks in your office.


Dynamic Floorplans

An office manager or facility manager can quickly setup a WorkplaceManagement project to efficiently manage space in the workplace. Keep your staff floorplans up-to-date from anywhere at any time.

Allow staff to quickly locate other employees. Implement a shared desk (hotdesking) booking system to allow certain desks to be booked when needed.Plan employee desk moves as new people join the company, or seating allocation changes.
Build detailed people profiles in a office directory of your organisations’ greatest asset. Sometimes, the company org chart just doesn’t provide the detail needed to find the right person to get a job done. WorkplaceManagement provides a content rich office directory that links the people, places and resources in your organisation to their physical location. Search by any criteria you need, such as skills, working days or availability.

Go beyond simple name, position and contact facts with detailed staff profiles. Navigate easily through both the organisation’s department structure and its locations.Visualise search results in an interactive floor plans


Access from Anywhere

Easily locate employees from anywhere on any device.Update your office floorplans using a standard browser on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Simply log in, make changes and then log out.

Screen elements are dynamically resized and adjusted based on the size of the screen. In today’s workforce, ‘flexibility’ is becoming less of an exception, and more of the norm. Workers and employers alike have come to expect some degree of flexibility in the workplace in order to better accommodate family commitments, expanding customer service demands or multi-time zone operations.

Whether flexible work arrangements in your company means job-sharing, non-standard working hours or working from home, keeping the entire team productive means sharing accurate information on when and where individuals are available to work.WorkplaceManagement helps support productivity in flexible workplaces by:
-Identifying which days each individual is scheduled to work for this week and the next-Indicating whether each team member is available to be contacted -Facilitating sharing of physical office resources that may not be 100% utilised.


Active Directory Integration

WorkplaceManagement provides powerful integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Sync employee records with Active Directory, or import employees from Active Directory. Administrators define which fields are connected, and apply filters to sync with specific organizational units or groups.

WorkplaceManagement also provides auto-login through Active Directory so that once your employees are logged in to the network, they will be automatically logged into WorkplaceManagement with the same username.

Fully Integrated
WorkplaceManagement fully integrates with the Windows Active Directory (AD). WorkplaceManagement can display data from any AD field including the employee photo in realtime. No need to export or sync your AD data with WorkplaceManagement.
Fully supports real time Windows Active Directory, Office 365 Azure AD, SharePoint, SQL Server, Facilities/Asset Management Systems integration.


Employee Import

Easily import employee records from other systems. As long as the system can produce a CSV file, employees can be imported into WorkplaceManagement. Administrators define which fields are imported.

If desk names are included in the import file, employees will automatically be positioned at the matching desk on your floorplans.
Experts agree that a strong induction program for new employees is a key factor in high retention, satisfaction and ultimately productivity.

Addressing the orientation aspect of the induction program and empowering new staff with the tools to effectively find their own way in their new role can ease the transition into a long and mutually rewarding relationship.WorkplaceManagement supports new staff induction programs by:
-Identifying their assigned desk on the interactive floor plan
-Highlighting office amenities like emergency exits, printers, kitchens and bathroom facilities
-Facilitating a self-service approach to familiarise themselves with the work environment – such as identifying the people around them or locating specific individuals by role or function
-Illustrating the broader organisation structure and their place in it.


Desk Booking

WorkplaceManagement was designed to successfully facilitate coworking and shared desks (Hotdesking). Employees can choose their booking date on a calendar and then their work space on the company floorplan. Upcoming bookings are displayed on the 'My Bookings' screen.

Double bookings are eliminated, managers know exactly which desks are in use, and work space usage is optimized, reducing facility costs.Calendar integration allows you to quickly visualize desk and room availability, schedules, and, enable room and desk booking.
When your employees need to move to a new desk or report a maintenance issue, they can submit the request. Submit a facility request in any channel or with the WorkplaceManagement. Track the progress of a request in Slack.Set-up new request notifications for managers

Create a flexible workplace.Get the tools you need to implement a desk booking program that works for you and your team. From hot desking and hoteling to free addressing, WorkplaceManagement can help you create a desk sharing strategy that suits your workplace and your people.

Search and book desks using any device. mobile, tablet, desktop, touchscreen kiosk with WorkplaceManagement iOS or Android App. Set up bookable desks to be "self serve" or "by request" Measure adoption rates and track seating trends with real-time reports Implement desk booking in stages and optimize your space.


Move Management

Large organizations are always in a state of change, and need to be able to increase, reorganize, or downsize their workforce to effectively compete in their industry. With WorkplaceManagement, facility managers can effectively plan and execute employee and asset moves with minimal disruption to daily operations.

WorkplaceManagement allows managers to create various move scenarios and then choose the one that makes the most sense. Moving to a new office location is already a disruptive experience, often requiring months of planning, and emotional negotiations.

To help everyone feel engaged in the process and get them back to peak productivity as soon as their feet are under the new desk, Operations Managers need to maintain open and informative communication from beginning to end. WorkplaceManagement can help out when you’re moving office by:
-Modelling new potential floor plans and placements for consultation during planning -Highlighting office amenities in the new location like emergency exits, printers, kitchens and bathroom facilities-Helping staff locate colleagues and facilities in the new office


Equipment Tracking

Manage all of your company assets including printers, computers, audio/visual equipment, shredders, coffee machines, artwork, filing cabinets, lockers, etc.

Represent shared assets on company floor plans to be booked by staff day to day. Track equipment usage and location on your floorplans or on a world map. Create floor plans from storage room, locker room, or parking space images or plans and allow staff to book and update these spaces.


Export to PDF

Export your floorplans to high quality PDF, or high resolution jpg format for easy distribution. These exported floorplans can be easily embedded in your website as thumbnails, full floorplan images, or emailed out to employees.

Select a specific layer such as printers to export an equipment floorplan showing only printers. Intranet Embeddable Seamlessly embed WorkplaceManagement Employee Map into your Companies Intranet, SharePoint or other CMS.



WorkplaceManagement features a powerful Google Maps integration to organize remote assets across the globe. View employees working out of the office or company assets on a fully interactive world map, accurate down to the street address.

Provide customers, clients, partners, and employees with an international facility location map. Organize remote employee details with their staff profile present on the map.

Customisable location tree suits smaller organisations with a single floor, larger organisations with offices in multiple cities right through to multi-nationals with multiple facilities across countries.Map office space by country, region, city & site Customise location types to match your business operations


Form Customization

The employee form, desk form, booking form, move request form and asset form are all fully customizable to meet your company's specific requirements. Add any number of custom fields including text, memo, list, date and checkbox.

Give varying levels of access to staff details via project security groups to protect sensitive information. Set up required and optional fields or pre-fill fields with default values.

Know exactly who is working in which role on which project in the team you are joining. Know exactly whom to reach out to for support.

WorkplaceManagement HTML5/CSS3 architecture allows for easy, quick customization. Apply your own look and feel to the employee map.


Find Employees & Assets

If you need to find someone in the office, WorkplaceManagement can quickly connect you. Every staff member in the system can be searched for and located on your company floorplan. The quick search also allows you to easily find desks, assets and bookings.
Embed a WorkplaceManagement project to your company website in an iframe or publish clear office floor plan images for staff, clients, or customers to reference.

Quickly find and manage available desks.Find all desks with no staff allocated in a building or floor.Allocate staff to desks and facilitate sharing with part-time or visiting staff. See staff availability – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home, on leave. With flexible work arrangements and part-time hours growing in popularity, WorkplaceManagement helps you know when colleagues are available and stop wasting time trying to contact colleagues who are not available. See real availability right now – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home or on leave Identify which days staff actually work. Check when people will return from leave



Use layers to organize all of your employees and assets. Default layers include employees, bookable desks, assigned desks, and assets. Create your own custom layers to display just printers, just phones, or just employees in the accounting department.

Layer names can be passed in the URL to only display specific layers such as employees or assets.


Move Manager

Take the stress out of moves Powerful. Intuitive. Easy to use. Move Manager helps you manage small and large-scale moves like a pro.
Take the stress out of moves,Move Manager helps you manage small and large-scale moves like a pro.
Next-level move management: Quickly plan and schedule moves, resolve seating conflicts, and notify everyone involved. Need to re-shuffle an entire team? Intelligent tools guide you through the entire process, making it easy to find space for every employee.
Keep everyone in the loop: Choose to automate your move notifications and make sure everyone knows when and where they’re moving. You can preview and edit notifications before they’re sent.
Visualize your data: WorkplaceManagement turns your floor plan into a powerful reporting tool. Search for people, ,assets, floors, rooms and resources. Filter and visualize workplace data any way you like. Print customized views of your floor plan that highlight exactly what you need to see.
Easily plan large-scale moves Managing a big move? Create a scenario of your floor plan and play around with seating arrangements until everyone’s happy. Scenarios are collaborative, so you can invite stakeholders to view and make adjustments at any time. Activate the scenario and Move Manager will set the changes into motion.
Let your people do the requesting: Prefer to let employees request their own moves? Adjust your team’s permissions, and let anyone submit a move request via your floor plan. You can modify, approve, or reject requests before they’re actioned, so you always have the final say.
Manage your moves in one place:Move Reports keeps all of your moves and move communication neatly organized. Modify upcoming moves. Resolve seating conflicts. Create and send move notifications. Access all of your completed moves, and see which moves are on the horizon.


Reporting & Analytics

Make smarter decisions. Drive your facility management decisions with intuitive reports and real-time data. Analytical and operational reports help you make smart, informed decisions and improve your workplace over time. Managers can access real-time reports and analytics the second they need it, with the WorkplaceManagement iOS or Android app.

Space utilization reports provide valuable insight into how your facility is being used.Operational reports streamline facility management processes and make easy work of data hygiene

Generate accurate and up-to-date asset and attribute related reports
Custom reporting capabilities help tackle your most demanding requirements


Room Booking

Booking rooms made easy. Find the right room, with the right features, at the right time—on any device you like.
Room Booking with WorkplaceManagement seamlessly integrates with WorkplaceManagement, the ultimate workplace experience tool. Easily find the right room for your needs—via your floor plan, touchscreen kiosk, or room screens—and book it on the spot.
Need a room with a conference phone and a projector? See the features available in every room before you book. Find and book available rooms directly in WorkplaceManagement.
WorkplaceManagement can act as your meeting room finder by:
Profiling meeting room facilities in each office floor plan;
Making meeting room profiles searchable by any criteria;
Linking meeting room profiles to booking systems; and
Providing embeddable map links that can be added to meeting notices to help participants navigate to the meeting location.


Space and Lease Management

Maximize your real estate Space management tools to help you regain and maintain control of your office space.
Easily get a handle on your dynamic facility in one system. Track and manage your entire space, and make smarter allocation decisions that are driven by real-time views of your organization.
Visualize occupancy and space utilization on real-time floor plan views
Make informed space utilization decisions with real-time reports, customized to your needs
Leverage the power of scenarios and plan complex moves ahead in detail
Maintain the quality of your seating data with editable management reports


Build Detailed Staff Profiles

Go beyond a simple directory containing only name and contact details by developing rich staff profiles including specific skills and roles, such as languages, industry experience or fire warden/first aid officer status. Profiles are completely configurable to record the details that add the most value for your business and can include social media accounts.

Visual indicators of where people sit and what days they work
Record skills and duties such as first aid officers or fire wardens
Add fields to record the information important to your organisation

Find and book what you need
Help everyone stay focused and save time. Quick commands help your people search for whatever and whoever they need, and quickly book rooms with ease.


Navigate Organisation

Visualise how your organisation is structured, both physically and hierarchically.
Browse the organisation’s department structure.See who works for who and which Departments they work in. Find where staff sit, the days they work and if they are available now. With a detail rich visual directory, WorkplaceManagement makes it easier than ever to answer questions like “Who is the first-aid officer on this floor?” Drill down by location or organisation hierarchy, apply filters for specific profile fields, or use a flexible free text search.

Quickly find staff with particular skills or attributes.List all staff on a floor, a building or a region. Sort staff by skills and attributes


Office Mapping

Map workspaces to help staff see who and what is around them in an interactive office floor plan.
Understanding your immediate work environment is at the foundation of a safe and productive workplace – whether it’s your first day on the job, or the thousand and first. Office mapping helps you visualise who and what is around you in an interactive office floor plan.
WorkplaceManagement is where the corporate directory and facility map meet, creating an interactive floor plan of people and resources available to the whole team.

Type /find in any channel to search for anything you need
See search results directly in Slack, click to view in WorkplaceManagement
See if someone is available and start a direct message from within WorkplaceManagement


Space Management

Knowing what space your workplace has available at a given time is a powerful tool in the efficient management of your company resources.

After mapping your office spaces, the next challenge becomes identifying when specific resources (like desks and meeting rooms) are available. WorkplaceManagement can help you tackle space management by identifying available capacity and coordinating access to shared spaces.

WorkplaceManagement helps fill the gap between the calendaring system used to book meeting rooms, and all the location and facilities information you need to make informed choices.

Visitors from another office, contractors and consultants can be directed to available work space quickly when the office floor plan visually identifies vacant desks.


Staff Directory

Identifying all those resources and making them accessible to the broader organisation in a meaningful way can be more of a challenge. A staff directory that relies on the Active Directory alone often doesn’t provide the level of detail necessary to search effectively. While spreadsheets, or printed phone lists are simply too cumbersome to maintain.

WorkplaceManagement helps you create a global staff directory and facilitates collaboration across distributed teams by:

Enabling customisation of content-rich staff profiles (without coding!) so that you can record the attributes most important to you
Searching those profiles to identify where specific skills and expertise are located across the operation
Displaying local times in each office location to facilitate collaboration across multiple time-zones
Identifying each team member’s availability to be contacted

Desk Booking
✓ Reserve desks on floorplans
✓ View available desks by selected date
✓ Booked desks displays employee name and picture

Seating Planner
✓ Include permanent and shared desks on the same floorplan
✓ Plan seating arrangements for optimized work spaces
✓ Unassigned desks automatically become bookable

Move Management
✓ Create multiple employee move scenarios
✓ Export move scenarios to PDF or JPG for review
✓ Track all moves and changes with activity log

Move Requests
✓ Employees can select a desk and request to move to it
✓ A manager can approve or deny move requests
✓ Email notifications can inform managers of move requests

Equipment Booking
✓ Select & reserve equipment on floor plans
✓ Book equipment, lockers, parking spaces, etc.
✓ Track equipment usage and location in the facility

Distribute Floorplans
✓ Export floorplans to PDF or JPG, and email to staff
✓ Display floorplans on a central kiosk or touchscreen
✓ Embed your floorplans in your website or intranet

Mobile Friendly
✓ Book office space from any mobile device
✓ Edit WorkplaceManagement projects from your mobile phone or tablet
✓ Interface automatically adjusts to smaller screen

Find Everything
✓ Use quick search to find staff, desks, bookings & assets
✓ Find printer location from serial number
✓ Find a phone from the phone number

Asset Types
✓ Default types are printer, phone and projector
✓ Define your own asset types
✓ Add custom fields for each asset type

Meeting Room Booking
✓ Use quick search to find available meeting rooms
✓ Find rooms that match seating requirements
✓ Booking form is fully customizable

✓ View employee calendar or project calendar
✓ Support Google calendar, Outlook calendar, iPhone, etc.
✓ Calendars updated when bookings added or changed

Activity Log
✓ Records events such as add employee, request move, etc.
✓ Over 50 different events can be enabled
✓ Create admin reports from the activity log

Email Notification
✓ Email notifications can be sent when events occurs
✓ Notify a manager when a move is requested
✓ Notify catering when lunch requested for a meeting

Asset Assignment
✓ Track which phone is assigned to what employee
✓ Run reports to see who assets are assigned to
✓ Assign desktop or notebook computers to employees

✓ View location of offices and remote workers on a map
✓ Map type, zoom & latlng can be defined for each map
✓ Display a different map for each country or region

URL Parameters
✓ Pass parameters such as employee id, username, etc.
✓ Display desks, employees, assets, bookings, maps, etc.
✓ Use parameters with iframe to embed in website

Manage Staff Parking
✓ Permanently assign parking spaces
✓ Allow parking spaces to be booked
✓ View who is assigned to each parking space

Custom Floorplan Panels
✓ By default panels include picture, firstname & lastname
✓ Create your own panel theme to display any fields
✓ Panels can be styled to display larger text, colors, etc.

Edit My Profile
✓ Employees can edit their profiles when logged in
✓ Define which fields are included on the profile form
✓ Employees can enable their own .ics calendar

Offices Map
✓ Display a map showing your company office locations
✓ Use the CustomClickURL field to link to a floor or project
✓ Show a picture of your office building on the map

Manage Staff Parking
✓ Permanently assign parking spaces
✓ Allow parking spaces to be booked
✓ View who is assigned to each parking space

Rest API
✓ Integrate with other applications
✓ programmatically add employees, desks, assets & bookings
✓ Edit or delete employees, desks, assets & bookings

Annotation Layers
✓ Add annotations to floorplans
✓ Make quick notes about upcoming moves
✓ Show emergency exits, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc.

SQL Server
✓ Choose file-based database or SQL Server
✓ SQL Server provides better reporting capabilities
✓ SQL Server provides wider range of access

Part-Time Desks
✓ Employees can book desks on a recurring weekly basis
✓ Example: Assign an employee to a desk every Mon & Tues
✓ Search shows employees assigned to part-time locations

Assign to Multiple Desks
✓ Employees can be assigned to multiple desks
✓ Assign on a fulltime or part-time basis
✓ Assign to desks or offices at multiple locations

Style Panels By Type
✓ Style desks and assets by type, category, etc.
✓ Eg. Show phones as different colors based on type
✓ Eg. Show desks with different colors based on type 

Track Remote Assets
✓ Track remote workers on Google maps
✓ Allow remote employees to update their address
✓ Manage remote staff by region

Employee Search
✓ Easily locate employees on your office floorplans
✓ Powerful search function with filters for specific matches
✓ Search by firstname, lastname or any other field value

Staff Details
✓ Track detailed information about each employee
✓ If enabled, include html in field values
✓ Permissions determine who can see what information

Form Customization
✓ Add new text, memo, list, checkbox fields as needed
✓ Set employee fields as required and include default values
✓ Use CSS to style the detail form as desired

Embed Floorplans
✓ Embed office floorplans in your company website
✓ WorkplaceManagement automatically adjust to any iframe size
✓ Pass parameters to embedded floorplans in Sharepoint

Print Floorplans
✓ Provide employees and visitors with floor plan guides
✓ Create high quality, printable images of floorplans
✓ Select theme when printing to display larger text

Track Employees
✓ Track the location of employees at all offices
✓ Record detailed information about each employee
✓ Allow employees to quickly find staff & assets

✓ Each layer displays specific employees, desks or assets
✓ Create your own layers for specific asset types
✓ Pass layer names in the URL to display one or more layers

Active Directory
✓ Sync or Import employees from active directory
✓ Filter to sync specific organizational units
✓ Sync or import employee photos

Desk Assignments
✓ Permanently assign employees to desks
✓ Track employee desk move history
✓ Auto assign employees to desks when importing

Track Desks
✓ Specify desk types such as office, desk, meeting room
✓ Track desk move or change history with activity log
✓ Record detailed information about each desk

Track Assets
✓ Map all of your printers, phones, servers, furniture, etc.
✓ Record detailed information about each asset
✓ Add custom fields to the asset forms as needed

Export to PDF & JPG
✓ Generate high quality PDF for distribution
✓ Exported floorplans can be embedded into website
✓ Layers can be selected before exporting

Admin & User Reports
✓ Several default user and admin reports included
✓ Easily create new reports as needed
✓ Staff can run user reports but not admin reports

Export Reports
✓ Export reports to PDF and CSV
✓ Use exported CSV to import data to another system
✓ Export both admin reports and user reports

Project Backups
✓ Include project folders in your nightly backups
✓ Use the backup function to manually create backups
✓ Easily transfer projects from one server to another

✓ User permissions determine who can access what
✓ Each employee is assigned to a security group
✓ Define by group which items are visible in the menu

Customizable Menu
✓ Add lists, reports, floors, offices, etc. to the side menu
✓ Configure side menu in any hierarchy desired
✓ Define which menu items are visible to staff

✓ Edit project styles to customize panels, forms, etc.
✓ Use styles to show a different color for each department
✓ Link styles to the 'Panel Class' field property

Import Employees
✓ Import employees from CSV files
✓ Most employee management tools can export CSV files
✓ Match fields in CSV file with WorkplaceManagement fields 

Import Assets
✓ Import/Sync Assets from CSV files
✓ Import Assets such as printers, projectors, phones, etc.
✓ Match fields in CSV file with WorkplaceManagement fields

Import Desks
✓ Import Desks from CSV file
✓ Sync Desks with CSV file
✓ Match fields in CSV file with WorkplaceManagement fields

Azure AD
✓ Import/Sync employee records from Azure Active Directory
✓ Select the columns from Azure to import/sync
✓ Include desk values to assign employees directly to a desk

Custom Mobile Tabs
✓ Employee,
✓ Designed for mobile users 
✓ Custom Tabs

Track Assets on a Map
✓ Track assets on Google maps
✓ Drag to a specific location on the map
✓ Search for an asset to display the map location

Track Desks on a Map
✓ Track desks and offices on Google maps
✓ If enabled, employees can book desks on a map
✓ View assigned, available & booked desks on a map  

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