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Use the WorkplaceManagement sandbox to create your own project. Add floorplans, desks, employees, etc. Projects are cleared off every couple of days.


30 Day Trial

Download the free 30 day trial of WorkplaceManagement. If you decide to purchase, you can enter your activation key into the trial installation to activate it.


WorkplaceManagement helps new starters navigate the workplace and find the answers to common first-day questions:

What is the team structure in the business
Who is the payroll manager and where do they sit
Where are the printers near me


WorkplaceManagement helps mobile workers communicate their availability and access the facilities in each work site:

Which office has teleconference facilities I can use
Is there a desk available in head office tomorrow
Is the Project Manager working today


WorkplaceManagement helps managers make informed decisions to manage their people and resources effectively:

Who in my team is fluent in Turkey
When is the Sales Manager due to return
Can we accommodate new recruits


Some Features

  • Build detailed staff profiles that include skills, where they sit, and what days they work
  • Search by location, department, skills, role….or anything you can think of
  • Identify working days and see who is available right now
  • Integrate with Active Directory on-premises
  • Browse through physical locations, buildings and floors
  • See an interactive floor plan for each level
  • Pin the points of interest, from the board room to the water cooler
  • Search the people and resources at each location
  • Find all desks with no staff allocated in a building or floor
  • Allocate staff to desks and facilitate sharing with part-time or visiting staff
  • See staff availability – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home, on leave
  • Map and manage car parks
  • Go beyond simple name, position and contact facts with detailed staff profiles
  • Navigate easily through both the organisation’s department structure and its locations
  • Visualise search results in an interactive floor plans
  • Visual indicators of where people sit and what days they work
  • Record skills and duties such as first aid officers or fire wardens
  • Add fields to record the information important to your organisation
  • Quickly find staff with particular skills or attributes
  • List all staff on a floor, a building or a region
  • Sort staff by skills and attributes
  • See who works for who and which Departments they work in
  • Find where staff sit, the days they work and if they are available now
  • See real availability right now – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home or on leave
  • Identify which days staff actually work
  • Check when people will return from leave
  • Browse through physical locations, building and floors
  • Find points of interest, like meeting rooms, printers or water coolers, in each location
  • Search the people and resources at each location
  • Browse through physical locations, buildings and floors
  • See an interactive floor plan for each level
  • Find meeting rooms, desks, printers … or any pin you drop on your office map
  • Map office space by country, region, city & site
  • Customise location types to match your business operations
  • See a map of car parks
  • View and manage which staff use which parks
  • Add cars to the car park to see who uses each space
  • Find all available desks at a given location in real-time
  • Find meeting rooms by location or facilities
  • Facilitate desk sharing for flexible workers to maximise space utilisation
  • View all desks at any level of the location tree to see allocations and availability
  • Simple drag and drop interface helps administrators allocate people to available space
  • Make informed space management decisions by visualising utilisation on each floor plan
  • Find the meeting room that’s right for you based on location, capacity and facilities.
  • Link through to in-house reservations system
  • Find booked meeting room locations to help you get to the right place on time
  • Drag and drop allocation of people, assets and facilities to their location on the map
  • Fully customisable facilities list to pin to floor plan locations
  • Upload floor plans for multiple floors and switch easily while in the floor plan view.
  • Personal profiles and details about rooms and utilities are packed into markers on an interactive floor plan.
  • Upload floor plans for multiple floors and switch easily while in the floor plan view.
  • All your building locations on a map. Campus buildings or international offices.
  • Fuzzy search across all buildings and floors.
  • Data Import and Update, Easily import and update the data for the buildings, floors, employees and resources.
  • Single Sign-On,Secure your WorkplaceManagement Cloud instance by integrating with your organization internal SSO identity provider software.
  • Access Permissions, Limit user access permissions to read-only and allow editing and administration for selected users only
  • INTERACTIVE FLOOR PLAN, Zoom and pan to focus on the details you need the most.
  • ENTERPRISE SINGLE SIGN-ON, Integrate WorkplaceManagement with on-premises or Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Google Suite etc.
  • STAFF DIRECTORY, Search your complete staff directory, view faces, roles and contact information.
  • MULTIPLE BUILDINGS Create multiple buildings with multiple floors, add location information, image and notes.
  • MULTIPLE FLOORS Create multiple floors, upload floor plans and switch between them with ease.
  • BUILDING LOCATIONS OVERVIEW, View all your campus buildings or all your international offices on a map.
  • FUZZY SEARCH, Relevant search result for queries with spelling inaccuracies.
  • STAFF PROFILES, Always get up-to-date personal profiles and contact data.
  • ROOMS, Conference rooms, storage rooms, server rooms, rooms for rest and reception areas.
  • UTILITIES AND RESOURCES, Coffee machines, printers, device boards, medical and fire safety equipment.
  • HOT DESKS, Fully equipped desks ready for anybody to work at.
  • SPARE DESKS, Unoccupied desks ready for the work place deployment by the IT team.
  • MARKER STATUS, Indicate people, rooms and resources being unavailable or working remotely. Add details with a status message.
  • MARKER VISIBILITY, Hide markers from the floor plan for staff not working in the office, but keep them in the staff directory.
  • DEEP LINKING, Send direct links to building, floor or marker details to your peers. Point to an exact spot on the floor plan.
  • NETWORK ACCESS LIMIT, Make WorkplaceManagement Cloud instance accessible from your office network only. Contact us to learn more.
  • USAGE TRACKING Connect your own Google Analytics account to anonymously track the application usage. Contact us to learn more.
  • USER ACCESS PERMISSIONS,Limit user access permissions to read-only and allow editing and administration for selected users only.
  • Floor plans (PDF, JPG, CAD, etc) are imported into a proprietary WorkplaceManagement format allowing for smooth, efficient zooming and navigation while maintaining the original quality of the floor plan drawing.
  • Fully supports Outlook Calendar/Room and Desk Booking.
  • WorkplaceManagement helps you and your staff find colleagues, book available meeting spaces, navigate an unfamiliar campus and leverage mapping data to understand how your real estate is used.
  • WorkplaceManagement is an Indoor Mapping system that integrates with your corporate directory and facilities management systems. It can be deployed to employees’ smartphones, kiosk stations, interactive signage or your company portal.
  • Find people, meeting spaces and office amenities
  • Quickly navigate to your destination
  • Map-enable any facilities/asset management application
  • Book available conference rooms in real-time
  • Manage office layout/assets as easy as drag-and-drop
  • Deploy to any screen
  • Search in Map: Easily search for people, rooms, offices, desk locations, and amenities. Integrates with your corporate directory.
  • Get Directions:Get navigation directions and walking times between any two points on campus or from your current location.
  • Get Your Office on The Map: Easily create indoor maps with WorkplaceManagement for your office, even if you don’t have up-to-date CAD diagrams.
  • Customize:Skin the maps and user interface look-and-feel to match your company’s branding requirements.
  • Analytics:Engagement dashboards report search and usage info; standard reporting of footfall, and dwell and location analytics are also available.
  • Schedule Conference Rooms: View nearby available conference rooms and book instantly. Integrates with Office 365 or GSuite as well as sensors and IoT devices.
  • Share Locations: Share your current location with your colleagues or send any location within your office.
  • Data Management: Ensure your digital office maps are up-to-date via integration with your facilities management system and/or using the WorkplaceManagement management tool.
  • IoT Platform: Map-enable any facilities/asset management application leveraging rich cross-platform APIs, including IoT sensors and systems.
  • Available on Any Screen: WorkplaceManagement deploys to apps, websites, interactive signage, and kiosks.
  • Locate and book desks or rooms in seconds
  • Submit and manage facility requests
  • Instantly locate resources like printers, medical and safety equipment
  • Works perfectly on desktop and mobile browsers
  • Enjoy the full functionality of WorkplaceManagement with our iOS app.
  • WorkplaceManagement connects seamlessly with your employee directory and other data sources and secure, web-based access with Single Sign-On.
  • Navigate your workplace on the big screen:Stop using printed versions of your floor plan. WorkplaceManagement for kiosks displays interactive maps of your facility on touchscreens everyone can use.
  • Changes display in real-time, meaning your people always have the right information at their fingertips.
  • See where coworkers are sitting
  • Locate meeting rooms and break rooms
  • Track down resources like printers and medical equipment
  • View changes to seating availability in real-time
  • Get in touch to discuss requirements for getting WorkplaceManagement for kiosks set up for your organization.

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