WorkplaceManagement Integration Solutions

Software & Hardware Integrations


Create a comprehensive solution
With WorkplaceManagement, you can integrate both hardware and software systems through WorkplaceManagement API.

Easy to implement,
easy to use, easy to integrate
With WorkplaceManagement, your smart building tech will fit seamlessly with your people, and your business systems, hardware and tools – right now and right into the future.

WorkplaceManagement also allows customers and partners to create their own custom integrations using WorkplaceManagement (APIs). Popular WorkplaceManagement integrations include:​

User Management (HR) Systems

G Suite / Google Calendar

Microsoft Exchange / Outlook

Active Directory


Software integrations

WorkplaceManagement offers the tools and integrations you need to ensure your people, rooms and data are always up to date and shared across your systems.

Hardware Integrations

WorkplaceManagement integrates with popular digital hardware through our API, modules and toolkits. We do not require customers to use proprietary hardware, instead offering you the flexibility to select the equipment and signage of your choice. You may even be able to take advantage of your existing hardware.


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