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Service & Support


Learn how our team will partner with you to ensure that you get the most out of your system
Whether you’re new to IWMS software, or you need expert advice on how to optimize your facility, our support team is always on hand. We don’t just show you how to use our software. We use our experience to help you get the most out of your workplace through WorkplaceManagement.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase of WorkplaceManagement. Our software is extremely stable and has a long record of successful integration. People who use WorkplaceManagement stick with WorkplaceManagement. Our mission is to ensure every customer has multiple levels of support so that none of your needs will go unaddressed. For current customers with support questions, please contact our support line.
Support Center
Receive access to a whole variety of sources from our Support Center with a current service contract. Experiencing an issue that has been resolved in the newest WorkplaceManagement software release? Obtain the new version easily, with full support through the entire process. We offer automatic updates and a professional technical support team via e-mail and Team Viewer. We custom fit our software to match your needs. Explore our website to learn more about what we offer.
Easy to Install and Learn
WorkplaceManagement is easy to install and set up. Each step is outlined on our site, and our tech support will be more than happy to assist you along the way. If you're hesitant about WorkplaceManagement, we'll give you 30 days to try out our product for free. After the 30 days, you can stop using for no cost, or begin payment and seamlessly continue use. After a month, you'll know for sure whether or not WorkplaceManagement is a good fit for your company. If there are ever any questions, we will happily guide you through the process. All support technicians are experienced in every facet of our platform and can assist you with your installation, basic configuration or programming issues, as well as recommended solutions for your operational and procedural issues.
Application support
Our software reduces expenses, improves efficiency, and helps you manage your business the right way. When you use WorkplaceManagement as a primary resource, you will greatly enhance how you utilize your information, predict and generate change, and work together. No matter how long you have been using WorkplaceManagement, we provide customer support services to give you the advantage you need to be successful. We have years of experience in providing our products to a wide range of companies.



We intelligently analyze your requirements first before developing software.
Based on your ideas, we make a web application for you, fully customized according to your needs.

We will never give you a canned response, or try to mould your requirements to suit our solutions. Our solutions would be tailor made to fit your requirements.


We prepare mockups of the final solution before developing them.

Mockups ensure that you know beforehand what the solution can or cannot do, before it is developed. This removes misunderstandings and allows you to provide feedback.
That's how we prevent unpleasant surprises.


We welcome change in specifications of your project during development.

We embrace change as an opportunity to grow, rather than an annoyance.
Our solutions are always developed to evolve, scale and adapt as your business grows and changes.


Customers will fall in love with your business.

Our intuitive user interface delivers a great user experience accross multiple devices - computers, smartphones and tablets.

Users won't just work with the software. They will fall in love.


Your idea, collaborating with our technology, can produce great results.

You can communicate, provide feedback and track progress of your project at any time using our online project management software.

Direct access to project managers coupled with instant email notifications keeps you in the loop, always.


All versions of your software backed up and accessible at any time.

We use Git, a robust version controlling system for better team coordination, version tracking and due dilligence in our projects.

That's how we preserve our sanity (and yours) when a project branches out to suit varying needs and requirements.


You own the final product. We would never resell it to someone else.

Our solutions are developed using your ideas, and you own the final product including full source code.

We would never re-sell a solution we custom made for you to anyone else.


Our work is clean, well documented and meteor proof.

Our projects are delivered with fully documented source code along with functional documentation of the entire project following a standard that is widely accepted and understood by the development community.

So, if a stray meteor from outer space crashes on us tomorrow, your project is still safe.


We ensure that the final solution is of high quality.

Before delivery, your product goes through extensive quality control checks, including manual and automated testing to ensure they meet the business requirements and are free from defects.


Your baby is safe and secure, no matter what.

We develop software that are protected against common web application vulnerabilities like XSS, Sql Injection and poorly secured password strings to name a few.

We value the importance of trust in business, and try hard to protect it.

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