WorkplaceManagement platform overview

Office Directory


View live and up to date floor plans and always know who sits where With Office Directory everyone in your organization can easily find coworkers and resources, book desks, pinpoint locations for colleagues. Once you’ve experienced it you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
Collect as much or as little data as you need with an infinite number of user defined profile fields and multiple preferences.


Navigate Organisation

Visualise how your organisation is structured, both physically and hierarchically.
Browse the organisation’s department structure.See who works for who and which Departments they work in. Find where staff sit, the days they work and if they are available now. With a detail rich visual directory, WorkplaceManagement makes it easier than ever to answer questions like “Who is the first-aid officer on this floor?” Drill down by location or organisation hierarchy, apply filters for specific profile fields, or use a flexible free text search.

Quickly find staff with particular skills or attributes.List all staff on a floor, a building or a region. Sort staff by skills and attributes


Easier adoption across your organization

WorkplaceManagement boosts your workplace and campus operations by providing the tools, components and diverse access points that connect your people directly to your scheduling system. Desktop, mobile, on-demand and administrative users all appreciate how WorkplaceManagement aligns with — and simplifies — their existing workflows.
Our customized maps are a dynamic, engaging way to view your workspaces. Based on floor plans provided by your company, our designers can turn your office space into a vibrant and detailed organizational tool.
The maps also display each employee’s online profile (including profile photos) and can be synced with Windows Active Directory, so you know exactly who is at what work station at any given time.
If an employee wants to change work stations, admins can easily move them to any room, floor, or space in the entire building, all through an easy-to-use, visually appealing interface.

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